A Geothermal System satisfies all of a building’s seasonal comfort requirements naturally and efficiently. The system is designed to utilize the ever-present energy of the earth to heat and cool the building. The system extracts the natural heat energy from the earth to provide warmth in the winter, and remove the heat to satisfy cooling needs. Our designs provide a Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) per comfort zone to maintain the desired temperature. All the WSHPs are connected to a common water loop. This loop is connected to a ground heat exchanger (well field) and circulation pumps. Outdoor air is conditioned and delivered by a dedicated rooftop ventilation unit with heat recovery to capture energy from air being exhausted from the building.


We have successfully implemented geothermal technology into virtually all types of facilities, including but not limited to: residential (single and multi-family), institutional, educational (public and private) and commercial. First cost return on investment is quickly realized and the premiums associated are worth investigating.


Ask us about your facility and how geothermal can be implemented in your project.